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This is a podcast episode titled, Throwback with Tim Kintz. The summary for this episode is: In this throwback edition of the Negotiations Ninja podcast, we jump back in time to episode #144 with Tim Kintz. We talk all things sales negotiation, including why car salesmen get a bad rap. We talk about negotiating from a place of inspiration—not desperation. Tim also shares how to avoid letting your emotions cloud the process, why you should lower your customer’s guard, and how to build-in removable objections. Don’t miss out on Tim’s genius negotiation tactics!
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welcome to the negotiations ninja podcast where we develop and deliver the most engaging negotiation content and training in the world. We host negotiation expert business people and entrepreneurs and discuss what works what doesn't work and how we can improve our negotiation skills.

Listen to welcome to this incredible interview. It's a throwback with mr. Tim kintz to all about genius sales tactics that car salesman used car salesmen get a bad rap. Not all bad guys. I mean sure there's a couple of sleazy ones here and there but this guy knows what's up. Tim cans tells us exactly what it takes to be successful in sales and gives us some insight to a few things that you may not necessarily know are being used. You're going to love this interview with Tim kintz play we have Tim Kemp's on the show Tim is an order sales in order negotiations coach and trainer and auto sales in order negotiation is not something that we've ever talked about on the show surprisingly cuz it's where most of us negotiate we are super happy to have him on because he

About negotiation and how salespeople in the order of space can become better negotiators. And he also talks about things that we as consumers can look out for really excited about the show really excited to share his wisdom with you. I think you're going to enjoy it as well. Enjoy.

Tim, how are you? I'm doing great. How are you doing today? I am doing fantastic man. Thank you so much for joining me on the Shelf. My pleasure anytime. I'm really excited to talk about your work around negotiation. And I'm thrilled that you're here today because I think you provide a different perspective than we usually get so I want to get into that. But before we do you please tell the listeners who you are and what you did. My name is Tim camps. I'm the president of the kids group. We are a training and consulting company for mainly the retail side of the automotive industry. We go in dealerships and do in-store Consulting training. We hold seminars and workshops at Topgolf open try to have fun in competition and everything I do and we also have some online training platforms along with the book and some other resources are spaced is the automotive industry and anybody that

I bought a car knows that it's a big game of negotiating. It is a big game of negotiator. Sometimes it goes good sometimes not so good being humbled that you just came out with an Amazon bestseller frictionless. I did frictionless closing and negotiating with purpose too exciting. It's a much-needed resource for people in the automotive industry without a doubt and the principals are they carry across any platform for the most part when it comes to negotiating and I love that man games that you come up with in your book is that negotiation is optional. What do you mean by that? Well, you don't have to negotiate if you believe that you have a great product and it has to be a fair price and you're able to build the value and you see the value in your product. Then there's nothing wrong with asking full price for something right. We buy stuff on Amazon for full price all the time.

Start negotiating with them and most of us don't do a search 15 other sites to see if we can save $0.12 on something right, but if you believe in your product and if you believe in the process you followed and you did the right thing for the customer and asking for all the money gross profit is there not 30, but sometimes I think we see if there's a negative I totally agree with you. Why do you think that most people don't ask for full price one, they know that they didn't earn the right to ask full price meaning they didn't get the value higher than the price and you're not always going to get full price specially when you're selling negotiable item such as cars and houses and stuff. But if you didn't do a good job and you know, you didn't do a good job with her conscious or subconscious, then you don't feel like you have the right but the other part is

I think people are afraid of objections and afraid because they don't know how to handle objections or overcome objections, or they let their emotions. Take over the logical part of a Target interesting. How do they let their emotions Take Over Control of the deal Channel part of the deal need logical part of the deal right? When you go to a dealership you're excited about you know, cuz I want to get the black on black or do you want the gray interior? Do we want to get panoramic sunroof? And my job is a salesperson this to get you to your pee. As long as I can because once I said, I'm going to go she ate it becomes a logical negotiation. It's all about can afford the payments. What's the discount? What's my insurance going to be and as a salesperson? If you can't control your emotions those emotions tend to crush your ability to be logical to just

Why why you're asking what you're asking to make it make sense to a customer to make it a budget Focus to go see a shins and it really isn't any negotiation. Learn how to leverage the emotions to capitalize on the deal. Is that what you mean by negotiating out of inspiration and left desperation when I say negotiate on an inspiration that desperation is Zoloft and people are more afraid of losing the deal that they are inspired of making it would you have but it may not work but it might work stop don't play prevent defense for my football fans out there is don't let fear paralyze you right as sales people in any industry were emotional creatures. That's just how it is. And sometimes it's good emotion. Sometimes it's bad emotion. But in a negotiation if you allow your emotions to take over they trust your ability to focus on logic and you know it still John F. Kennedy never feared a negotiate but don't negotiate out of fear.

Powerful did you know false evidence appearing real all the cute little acronym stuff, but it's absolutely true. And I think in the car business really it happens after the recession in 08 we did everything we could to make any deal Elle. We didn't even know we were going to the dealership at the manufacturers going to shut them down. So everybody sold out of desperation did whatever they kind of going through that right now, but it never really recovered and we were blessed for 10 11 12 years have a great economy and people were come out by a car and now we actually have to sell them and be able to negotiate and we don't have the skills to do it as an industry. It's a lost art. How does that tie into what you say when you say whoever cares least about the deal wins, is that a perception pieces that we're trying to make the customer believe but internally the emotion needs to be high.

Released about a deal went meaning they need to want to buy our car or house. Whatever I'm selling more than I actually want to sell it. Yeah. I said I don't want to sell it but I needed to have done such a great job of crate of mineral ownership middle ownership comes before physical or financial on and I need you to listen the paint off of that for I need you to explode excited seeing that in your daily life was this vehicle will be the solution to any pain point that you may have some of the really good real estate agents are great at this no walk you through a house and I'll have your kids picking out the rooms and you'll be visualizing your furniture and figuring out what curtains you need to order and when you walk out of that house with a really good Agent, you mentally moved to your furniture in that house before you beat it put in an offer. And now when you put in that offer you want that house more than they want to sell it and it's technically

Here's the key release, right? It's not that you don't want to sell it. But really whoever's going to walk away from a deals going to get the best deal on an amazing negotiator. He said care about a deal but not that much sort of the same idea sick. Absolutely. It's you know, sometimes best deal. They ever make this the one you don't do this statement. Is that right? I mean, uh, it's better to not make a bad deal than to make a bad deal right like to eat. You don't want to get stuck into a bad deal because a bad deal was just going to be profitable. It's going to be too high service or you're going to have to put a ton of resources into it and which don't want to be stuck in those kind of feelings better to walk away from those. Yeah, and that's unit. Really the salesperson job. It's my job as a professional salesperson closer negotiator to make sure that I do a good job of listening or

Wrong with that customer. So I'm showing the right vehicle. I'm asking questions listening that customers basically painting their life on a canvas for me and my job then is to paint my vehicle into third wife where they mentally see that being the solution they need and then when you sit on a negotiating then it's just a matter of what status in your budget not do you want it? She still off in sales people will sit down to negotiate with the customers not even committed on that car. Right? And if the customer is documented on the car or the house anything you're not negotiating with a customer or self?

That's the reality of it is that customers not committed to getting it.

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Love what you said. They're about asking questions that helped that customer imagine that car in their life. What's an example of one of those questions that you would ask to have a pattern interrupt meaning I need to interrupt that pattern of what the typical sales person would do and I really been working hard with dealerships make it about the customer when they first come in traditionally sales people will just drink you and wandered a lot and bounce from truck to truck and look at stickers and ask him how much you want to spend the month. How much down do you have? What do you put on your trade? Which Reddit like they make it all logic that makes it all about money right away and I will change that matter. I want to empower that customer. I want to walk around Derby. I want to find out what they like about that car. They want on their neck. I want to find out what they don't like about it that they want to change want to find out what type of research they've done. What are there for compelling reasons on why they really need a vehicle so I can make sure

Shown on the right vehicle all about beer blast open ended questions. Shut up and listen to understand not listen to respond. And once you do that, then you lower that customers guard you got by a car in your garden. These car sales people reality and my job is to lower the guard and then once I can load up the car and listen, then you become open mind as a customer in my car at while least. I've been this guy shot then if I do a good job. Thank you my vehicle in your life. Then you're confident when I say, I think that's the perfect car for you and your family and then we stood under the goat cheese is the ultimate goal of any sales person, but given hirnt and how do you earn it? Will you better lower the guard then the customer becomes open-minded then they're confident in you than they trust you and I get so many sales.

Save my negotiation with a crime the customer objections. They didn't believe me the last 15 minutes of the deal was not the problem was the first you didn't make it about the customer people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. Right is John Maxwell says and it's absolutely true. It's get to know them care about their customer good when you get to the negotiation to trust you do not going to close the mall, but now we can figure out how to fit that vehicle in the budget. So it's a win-win relationship. Not just a win-win negotiation. I love what you said. They are at not about the lost 15 minutes about the first 15 minutes. One of the themes that you have is that whoever starts the negotiation has the advantage. Is that what you mean by that sales people will make it about the money raised Bill. If I'm out there asking you how much you want to spend the month how much downpayment you at any customers going to lowball. I tell you I want to be at 200 a month.

Probably won't have been forfeit. If I find the right car how much time you got going to say zero down. You don't want to put any down if you don't have to Extended. Yes stupid question get a stupid answer true leader Homer Simpson said there's no such a stupid questions. You stupid people that ask questions so many in in in my business or so many bad question. The the joke is buyers are liars is what has been around for 30 years in the car business that I've hurt and I've been told and they're not Liars just a stupid question. I asked you if you were driving most of the time say no even though you want to drive it. It's easier to say no. It's the defense's how much you want to spend the month 00 you guys want bad questions get bad answers and that raises the customers guard because then when I go to prevent numbers and you told me one get 250 a month of zero down and I

Tell you what, I think the best way to get your vehicle's shorter-term with some money down. Then you're going to be like where you're not listening to me. You ask me a question. I told you 250 a month of zero down. Why are you showing me 6:50 at 48 months?

Total credibility pressure. There's no limbs. That way I have to have been drained you up from 2:50 or bottom number you were hoping to get soup and every time I drive you up, it's a lost lose lose lose. We've all heard win-win negotiation. If I come out and I start the number every time I come down on my numbers. It's a win it's a victory is built in briefs with the negotiations. So if you want to have a win-win whoever starts a negotiation has the advantage you start the numbers as you lower your numbers to customers winning and that's when they feel like they was a good deal. What is a good deal in that kind of a circumstance you really have to drill a like to the concessions that you're making so that they understand that's a win for them is perception the guy that grind your teeth off and and steals your car for $500 back in voice more times than off and they hate your guts cuz it was just a drain they did.

Trust you and they're probably not going to be a repeat that but the customer that you gave wins to that. You set the negotiation upright. They're the ones that love you you're the craziest thing in the car business has the happiest customers are usually the ones that we made the most on it's always been that way for 30 years since I've been in business for 30 years unless so many people talk about overcoming objections. But you say why don't you just build in removable objections. What do you mean by that that you can afford to take out? My belief is your best get your vehicle at the shortest term possible and put them some money down as a depreciating. I know when you want buy a house mortgage before going to show you 20% down fifteen years. That might be the best way to get my house, but it may not be the way I want to get my house my job as a negotiators to show you.

The best way to get it and then we negotiate from there. So removal objections are I'm a show you 48 months with 20% down cuz I believe that's the best way to get it if you're going to find me of not less or at least now, I can always go to 60 months to 72 months. I can go from the seven grand Downtown the spies down to three maybe you'll need them to put a thousand down. But if it's a removable objection, it's those built-in men me and my wife by rental houses will whenever we go to put in an offer on a house. I always put extra items in there. I want a $2,000 payment allowance. I want expense allowance. I want a carpet allowance. I want the appliances from it. The reality is I don't want any of those things. They're not your Breakers, but I can give those up I can say, okay, I'll get rid of paint allowance. It's a win for them give up the carpet allowance. It's a win for them, but that's what removed.

Thanks and that you can afford to take out and having built in when's for that customer. I love this precious. I think that's fantastic. It's actually very wise thing to do very very cool. So people can find your book on Amazon. We can't go into while we're starting to be able to go into physical stores now and physical stores are there is an available there also have a candle. They can also visit Ken's go to my shop and I have the heart back in there and there's also a negotiating download that they can get and there's a clothing download that goes a little deeper into the specific scripts or Amazon Peter Place love that man, as we closed off something that we love to do with every single guest is what's the one piece of advice that you want to leave with the listeners today on negotiation. Don't be afraid.

Like they won do not let fear paralyze you from being a professional negotiator and every single day challenge yourself to get better and loves at 10. Thank you so much for being on the show today and sharing your wisdom. My pleasure.

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In this throwback edition of the Negotiations Ninja podcast, we jump back in time to episode #144 with Tim Kintz. We talk all things sales negotiation, including why car salesmen get a bad rap. We talk about negotiating from a place of inspiration—not desperation. Tim also shares how to avoid letting your emotions cloud the process, why you should lower your customer’s guard, and how to build-in removable objections. Don’t miss out on Tim’s genius negotiation tactics!