New Years Episode

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This is a podcast episode titled, New Years Episode. The summary for this episode is: <div class="c-scrollbar__hider" role="presentation" data-qa= "slack_kit_scrollbar"> <div class="c-scrollbar__child" role="presentation"> <div class="c-virtual_list__scroll_container" role="presentation" data-qa="slack_kit_list"> <div id="1576794995.001100" class="c-virtual_list__item" tabindex= "-1" role="listitem" aria-expanded="false"> <div class="c-message c-message--light c-message--last" role= "document" data-qa="message_container" data-qa-placeholder="false"> <div class= "c-message__content c-message__content--feature_sonic_inputs" data-qa="message_content"> <div class= "c-message__message_blocks c-message__message_blocks--rich_text"> <div class= "p-block_kit_renderer p-block_kit_renderer--absorb_margin" data-qa= "block-kit-renderer"> <div class= "p-block_kit_renderer__block_wrapper p-block_kit_renderer__block_wrapper--first"> <div class="p-rich_text_block" dir="auto"> <div class="p-rich_text_section">2019 was brimming with excitement at <em data-stringify-type="italic">Negotiations Ninja</em>. Fantastic discussions on the podcast, exciting content on the blog, and exceptional experiences training and coaching have made it a big year. We’re looking forward to integrating everything we’ve learned through these incredible experiences and moving forward into 2020.</div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div>